Trying to find conversations for your first teenage date? Here are some easy and fun things to talk about on a first date for teenagers.

It’s finally here. Perhaps you’ve been pining over this person for a long time, and it still feels surreal that you now have the chance to take them out. Of course, you’d love to give them a good time, and good conversations are definitely a part of that.

However, if you’re having trouble thinking about exactly what you’re going to say to them, don’t you worry. Here are 12 things to talk about on the first date.

12 Things To Talk About On The First Date For Teenagers

Easy Things To Talk About On The First Date For Teenagers

1. How you’re both feeling

Everyone who’s ever gone on a first date can tell you that it can be a bit nerve-wracking. And that’s completely normal. So, if you’re looking for an effective way to break the ice with your date, consider admitting that you’re a bit nervous, because chances are, they are, too. It might be a bit awkward at first, but then you’d share a laugh, and things would be less tense than before.

2. Their day

Most dates happen near the end of the day, so one way to get the conversation going is to ask your date how their day went. Now, consider that this may not be the best conversation-starter if you already spent the day together.

It may also not be the way to go if your date is during an earlier part of the day, because then not much may have happened. Keep these in mind; don’t let your nerves get in the way of logic.

3. How they’re spending time these days

Aside from letting you bask in the sheer joy of taking the person you like out, dates also give you the chance to get to know that person more. You can learn a lot about someone by asking them about how they spend their time.

This is a great way to gain some insight into their priorities and the things that matter to them. So, try to ask them how their studies are going, or if things have been stressful at work lately.

4. Your common interests

You probably went out in the first place because you already share something in common with them. Don’t be afraid of going that route! If you’re both into sports, talk about the latest game.

If you’re both into that one band, talk about their newest single. This is a great way to bond and can even open opportunities for any future dates.

First date conversation starters for teens

5. What they like to do for fun

Inherently, a date is supposed to be fun and exciting (at least, if you’re doing it right, it should be.) So, go ahead and ask your date how else they prefer to enjoy their time. This is a chance for you to see if you also like having fun the way they do. If you do, don’t forget to let them know.

6. Their favorites

Imagine how touched your date would be if you talk about their favorite dessert on your first date and, a few weeks later, you give them that on your fifth date. Major points, right? It pays to know your date’s favorites, whether it’s food, music, or movies. Knowing these gives you the chance to surprise them and show them how thoughtful you can be.

7. Their likes and dislikes

“What’s your least favorite TV show? What’s your most beloved dog breed?” Questions like that can get your date thinking. It opens doorways to random yet fun and insightful conversations. Asking about your date’s likes and dislikes would also help you discover if you have more in common with them.

8. Their talents

Chances are, you wouldn’t date a less than extraordinary person. If your date is a cello prodigy or a swimming beast, then go ahead and talk about their talents.

Most of the time, people love talking about the things they’re passionate about as well as the things they’re good at. However, pick up on cues when you do this. If they’re known for being great at one thing, then they may already be sick of talking about it. It’s up to you to feel that out.

things to talk about with teenage boyfriend or girlfriend

9. Their family and friends

It’s easy to tell how people are like by taking a good look at the people they surround themselves with. So, try to ask your date about the ones closest to them – their best friends at school or work, and the loved ones they go home to every day. You could even discover if they know someone you do, which is always a good talking point.

10. Their childhood

If you feel like you’re at that point in your date where it’s okay to be somewhat vulnerable, then ask your date about their childhood. Where did they grow up? Were they a happy child? These may be sensitive topics, though, so again, try to go with your gut to assess if it’s okay to bring up.

11. Their goals, dreams, and fears

Once you’ve officially entered sappy hour and your feel like your date is into it, don’t be afraid to go all in and be deep with them. Ask them about how they see their future, or if there’s anything keeping them from going after their dreams. If you navigate this right, you might just fall for them even more.

12. When you’ll see them again

If you’re nearing the end of your date and things went well, then there’s only one thing left to ask: “When will I see you again?” Depending on their answer, you could tell if they had a good time.

You want to go all out to impress your date, and you want to make the most out of your time together by really getting to know them. However, don’t forget that it’s a two-way street. One of the worst things you could do is to make your date feel like they’re being interviewed. So, relax and remember that they want to get to know you, too. Most importantly, while it’s good to have these guides, you should also just allow the conversation flow.


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