Improve your budget and save money by reducing the everyday items you buy. Here are things Gen Z (or anyone) can stop buying to save money.

Everyone is guilty of breaking their budget, and everyone is allowed to do that occasionally. However, if you keep finding that you have less money than you wish, then it might be time to investigate your spending habits, particularly the things you spend on. To help you be a wiser spender, here are 10 things zoomers can quit buying to save money.

10 Things Generation Z Can Quit Buying to Save Money

Simple Things Gen Z Can Quit Buying To Save Money 1

1. Snacks and drinks
It’s so easy to get something from a vending machine for a dollar or two without thinking too much of it. But if you’re doing that, say, 4 times a week, you’re spending more on food than you should, and on something that you may not really want in the first place.

2. Eating out
Just like buying snacks, it’s easier to go out to a restaurant to eat than it is to cook something at home. If you often eat out or get food to go, however, you’re spending money when you could just eat the food that you already have. This isn’t to say that you should never eat out; just try to be conscious if your budget can no longer accommodate how often you do this.

3. Trendy fashion
When you see other people sporting the latest fashion trends at school, it’s only natural for you to want to have the same things. But be wary – trends are nothing if not a ploy by the fast fashion industry to get you to spend as much as possible. It’s better to find your own style than it is to hop on every single trend that pops up on your Instagram feed. Oh, and have you heard of thrifting? You might want to get into that.

Simple Things Gen Z Can Quit Buying To Save Money 1

4. Gadgets
Nowadays, the gadgets we own have become a status symbol; if you don’t own the latest iPhone, then that’s just sad. Here’s the truth: that kind of thinking is not only shallow, but laughably immature. As early as now, you should have the mindset that your material possessions are good for as long as they serve their purpose.

5. Concert tickets
Ah yes, nothing beats the undeniable euphoria of seeing your favorite artists live. Concert tickets are not inexpensive, and if you purchase some every single time an artist you like announces their tour dates, soon your wallet will be lighter than you want it to be.

6. Unnecessary subscriptions
Ask yourself this: do you really need Spotify Premium? Well, it’s time to reconsider. Subscriptions and memberships can easily trick you into believing that you’re not spending too much, and that is easy to believe, especially when you have your credit card linked.

7. Impulse purchases
“I’m only going to window-shop,” is perhaps the most popular lie told by impulse buyers. This is especially true for those who love to “just browse through” online shops. It’s all fun and games when you’re just adding to cart, but you know it’s game over the second you check out.

Simple Things Gen Z Can Quit Buying To Save Money 1

8. Uber-ing everywhere
You may think that getting around isn’t too expensive, but if you do it enough times, it can be. It might be like a reflex for you at this point, but if where you’re going isn’t too far, try to resist the impulse of using that all too familiar app.

9. Name-brand products
Most people tend to think that name-brand is always better than generic. While this may be true for some products, the validity of this statement is worth testing. The only time you should spend more is when you’re sure that you’re getting more, be it quantity or quality.

10. Vices
Alcohol, cigarettes, and gambling – it’s not a good idea to get attached to any of these at such a young age, or maybe ever. Under the right circumstances, none of these are inherently bad, but if they’re making a serious dent in your budget, maybe it’s time to face the fact that they’re doing you more harm than good.

Truth be told, spending less money on these items is a serious test of self-control, not to mention a lifestyle change. But if you’re serious about sticking to your budget or increasing your savings, it’s worth cutting back even just a bit.


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